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Liz Goozee

Fine Artist


My art practice currently is to develop fine art strategies to raise awareness of animal suffering, particularly rhino poaching, to all groups of people including children.  I have developed a combination of strategies aiming to elicit empathy while providing information to promote understanding of the consequences of animal exploitation.

I am very concerned with the exploitation of animals, particularly endangered species, to meet demands in a market fuelled by status and myths.  The myths that rhino horn can cure cancer or hangovers are completely unsubstantiated.

In 2013, 1004 rhinos were killed for their horn in South Africa, and 658 were killed up to 14 August this year.  The rhino, as are many other species, are under serious threat of extinction and, if poaching continues at the same rate, by 2035 we, as human beings, may not be able to experience this magnificent species.

Extinction does mean it can never be again.

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